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Rails 6 introduces insert_all / upsert_all methods

December 09, 2019

Having methods that can perform database operations in bulk is always a plus considering the amount of efficiency they add to such…

Rails 6 adds reselect on ActiveRecord Relation

December 05, 2019

Before Rails 6.0, the date/time are compared by using the equality operators like less than (<) or greater than (>), etc. Sometimes, date…

Rails 6 adds reselect on ActiveRecord Relation

December 04, 2019

Sometimes, we need to remove selected columns and select new columns for the query being done. Rails 6 introduces reselect on ActiveRecord…

Rails 6 adds delete_by and destroy_by methods on ActiveRecord

December 03, 2019

Often we need to find records based on certain conditions and then delete those records. To perform this, ActiveRecord has introduced…

Format custom SQL queries in Rails

December 02, 2019

While Rails comes with ActiveRecords that saves us from writing some scary (at least to me :)) SQL logic but still there are times when we…

Set up a Twilio account with phone numbers

November 25, 2019

Twilio is a cloud-based platform as a service that provides voice, SMS, video and WhatsApp communication services. The best part is, it can…

Rails 6 ActiveSupport adds private option to delegated methodslevel force_ssl option

November 23, 2019

Rails 6 is recently released with a lot of features. One of them is ActiveSupport adding support for private option on delegated methods to…

Rails 6 deprecates controller level force_ssl option

November 22, 2019

Previously, we were able to force_ssl to specific controller actions by using force_ssl callback at controller level. Rails 6 deprecates…

Rails IP-Based access restriction with route constraints

November 19, 2019

Sometimes we need to limit access based on IP address and whitelist only certain IP addresses to access a route. We can use rails routing…

How we dealt with R14 – Memory Quota Exceeded errors on Heroku

August 27, 2019

1 – Investigation to zero in on the real culprit We started observing resource utilization graphs for our dynos. As we all know that worker…

Deploying Rails Application on Amazon AWS – Part I

August 23, 2019

Amazon AWS is one of the most widely used deployment service. Other alternative that we generally use is Heroku. Heroku is also a good…

Specterr – An Error Reporting tool Which takes care of your data privacy

May 21, 2019

Recently i.e. 10th of August 2019 I gave a talk in a Regional Ruby Conference here in Pune. (Deccan Ruby Conf). In this blog, I will try to…