What We Do

We help craft technical solutions in software development. We work on end to end web development primarily with Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. We use React Native for Mobile App development whenever required. We contribute back to open source software community frequently. Find more about our contributions on Github.


Ruby, Ruby On Rails

We implement scalable solutions using Ruby on Rails.

ReactJS, React-Native

We implement scalable solutions using ReactJS and React-Native


We implement scalable solutions using Android

AWS, Google Cloud

We deploy solutions using AWS, Google Cloud Platform

Kubernetes, Docker

We are proficient in working with Kubernetes / Docker along with traditional deployments.



We use prometheus to export out critical events that can later be analyzed on grafana.


We use grafana to analyze various metrics and gain better insights on application performance.

New Relic

We have excelled working with New Relic to find out and eliminate performance bottlenecks in no time.

Some of our Awesome Products

While we continue to work with clients, we also try to create products to solve problems that we come across along the way. Below are products that we have been working on. Please do give them a try and see if it helps solve your problem as well.


Its a Web based portal to track times built using Ruby on Rails, ReactJS along with a cross platform desktop app [Electron, Redux]


Its an Open source error tracking tool for Ruby on Rails applications that stores data into your own database. [RackMiddleware, Ruby Gem]

Smart Exams​

Platform for NEET/JEE online exams. [Rails, ReactJS]. Thousands of students registered.

Rails+React Boilerplates​

Boilerplates to get started easily [ReactJS, Rails, Bootstrap]

Optical Mark Readers​

We process ​millions​ of exam answer sheets every year. [Java, OpenCV, dot net].

Work with us

If you have an idea on your mind or you want help with software development on your existing projects, let's get in touch. Please send a message about your requirement in the form given below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.